Lucy Hale as you’ve never seen her before!

We all know Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery and have watched her blossom from a naive, innocent student with pink streaks in her hair, into a well-established writer with stylish wardrobe and sophisticated hair cut, however, when Lucy isn’t chasing potential -As around Rosewood with her fellow PLLs, she’s working on secret projects, one of which was revealed to us today.

Back in March, Miss Hale teased us with Instagram snaps from an exciting shoot day and the cat is finally out of the bag that she both produced and starred in a glamorous four-minute short film titled ‘Waiting For Roxy’ in downtown Los Angeles and showed off a whole new side to the girl we are used to seeing on our TV screens.

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A blonder hue and a mask too #waitingonroxie

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In the film, Lucy  plays Roxie, a burlesque dancer. We see her preparing for the night’s show backstage at a rather creepy theatre, however, the scenes are interposed with shots of her playfully flirting with an anonymous, blindfolded male. The film, despite having a lack of dialogue, has a plot yet is also open to interpretation and is a piece which really forces your mind to wander into Roxie’s fantasy.

‘Waiting On Roxie’ has a a sensual tone, yet is classy and tasteful, plus, it really showcases, not only Lucy’s beauty, but also her talents as an actress and ability to play any role. Speaking of beauty, though, Lucy truly glows in the short film. She told Refinery29 that her and the friends she worked on the shoot with “wanted it to feel sexy, moody, and edgy” and that was definitely the feel we got whilst watching it. Kelsey Deenihan did a perfect job of creating a sultry make-up look for Lucy to help turn her into Roxie. She started off with a natural look of nude eyes and a pink lip before transforming herself into the character, Deenihan gave Lucy bold lips and sparkling eyes to really intensify the passion. As for hair, Kristen Ess styled Lucy’s blonde bob (which she rocked for a short period earlier this year) into messy waves for a rougher feel and Lo VonRumpf dressed her in alluring lingerie. The combination of Lucy Hale’s dark make-up, tousled locks and glamorous costumes all made her into the ideal burlesque dancer!

Finally, music played a key role in ‘Waiting For Roxie.’ Anthony Kalabretta’s piano arrangement, as Refinery29 so perfectly put it, make’s the production “drip with sexy suspense.” It creates tension and is significant in telling the story just as much as the visuals.

We are very excited by our favourite PLL’s latest project and it is clear her and her friends worked hard on it, as she said herself. We can’t wait to see what other things she’s got up her sleeve!

Check out the production here.

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