Lucy & La Mer Takes Listeners On A Ride In “Rollercoaster”

Southern California colorful pop artist Lucy & La Mer has just unveiled her latest upbeat single and accompanying music video.  The track is called “Rollercoaster” and it details the “highs” and “lows” of first love.  In this instance, Lucy is talking about her first ever queer relationship. 

From detailing how she made out with her new love at a Halsey concert to fighting about nothing, Lucy takes us all on the ride of our life with her introspective and relatable lyrics.

She confides, “My first relationship with another woman was a wild ride. I had no idea what I was doing. I learned a lot, especially about how gender norms are deeply instilled in us. But also, I discovered how easy it is to be with someone when you are being 100% yourself.” 

Sonically, the track employs electronic infused vibrant beats with mid-tempo husky vocals culminating into a soaring sing-along chorus. 

The accompanying visuals are unique in that they are entirely filmed virtually and during the pandemic.  Lucy joined forces with LGBTQ+ influencer and author Haley Faulkner to make a video highlighting the song’s narrative.

The two concocted an enjoyable story of a long distance first love relationship, and all the crazy ups and downs that can accompany it. Lucy plays a frustrated girlfriend who lives in Southern California when her girlfriend, a college student, is transferred far away to Nashville. The DIY video also includes a simple TikTok dance so viewers can participate in the fun. 

“Rollercoaster” follows Lucy & La Mer’s hit “Not A Phase” with social media star Jessie Paege and the mental health anthem “Better Than I Was Before”. Lucy & La Mer has been creating music since 2013 and is an intrical part of the Southern California music scene. With more music to come, listeners can expect dynamic songwriting from this mental health and LGBTQ activist. 

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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