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Lucy Spraggan and Scouting For Girls team up for ‘Stick The Kettle On’

Lucy Spraggan has teamed up with Scouting For Girls vocalist Roy Stride on her latest single Stick The Kettle On. The track released to mark World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September has a poignant and extremely important message within it.

Stick The Kettle On was written in support of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) which is a charity aimed at preventing male suicide which is the biggest killer of men under 45 years old in the UK. We absolutely love and admire the important message within this track. There’s always going to be someone you know whether close or in your larger community who needs someone to talk to, open up to or just share the weight of their worries with. By ‘sticking the kettle on’ it’s the first step to helping those struggling feel they are able to speak about it. Roy touches upon the stigma of men speaking out “And it don’t help me when they tell me that I should just man up” reminding us to think about our use of words and their impact. The beautiful, emotive lyrics such as ‘if you’re low you’re not alone‘ showcase the talents of Roy Stride and Lucy Spraggan to speak about such a hard and important issue with sensitivity and sincerity.

The video for the track reiterates this message of hope seeing friends just hanging out with each other and talking about it can help more than you might first think. Simon Gunning CEO of CALM spoke about the track “We know that music can have the power to lift us out of life’s tougher moments, and we’re sure this song will resonate with people and promote positive conversation.”.

To find out more about World Suicide Prevention Day head here. If you’re interested in supporting CALM and the great work they do you can find out more about them over on their official website. For help and advice for yourself or anyone you know Samaritans are there 24/7, there is always someone out there to listen and support you.

Written by Nicola Craig

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