Exclusive Premiere: LUENA, ‘Honeymoon Phase’

Breakout star LUENA returns with her heartfelt new anthem ‘Honeymoon Phase’. The track, which focuses on those early moments in a relationship when it seems nothing can go wrong, is a classic RnB track, and shows a completely different side to this talented singer and songwriter.

Music, for LUENA, was not a passion a much as it was an essential part of life. Never fitting in school, and never able to find that group of friends that truly understood her, she turned to writing and performing music. Music was able to operate as a form of escapism and therapy, a medium where LUENA could truly explain and heal from the pain that she felt in real life.

Honeymoon Phase’, with its beautifully honest lyrics and cool, laidback musicality, is a real feel-good anthem, and the perfect track to lead us into the warmer summer months.  

‘‘Honeymoon Phase’ is about always being in the “happy period” of a relationship with someone and never coming out of it’ explained LUENA when asked about the inspiration behind her new single. ‘It’s also about reassuring the person you’re with that they are more than enough for you’.

The release catches LUENA fresh off of her National Schools tour (where she visited schools around the country to educate student on mental health issues and bullying concerns) and as she is preparing to embark on a UK tour with The Vamps. The national tour, which begins in Southampton on April 27th, will give LUENA the chance to showcase her magnetic stage presence and vocals talents.

Check out the exclusive online premiere of ‘Honeymoon Phase’ below.

Written by Emma

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