Lukas Graham member has left the band

The successful Danish band, Lukas Graham, has just lost a quarter of their group. Their pianist, Kasper Daugaard, has chosen to leave the band after being in the band for four years. According to him, touring life wasn’t right for him.

Daugaard released a press release, wherein he stated, “It has been an amazing journey, on a personal, as well as a professional, level, to travel with the band around the world. I have enjoyed every moment to the fullest. As a member of the band Lukas Graham, I have formed a foundation for life-long friendships, had crossed several childhood boxes on my bucket list, and has become an enormous amount of life experience richer. I have, among other things, found out that a touring life (…) with Lukas Graham – maybe isn’t the best match for me. ”

He continues, “Seen from the outside. it may seem like a sudden decision but in the band, we have agreed that US tour, was a natural and right time to make this reshuffle. After careful consideration, and in accordance with my friends in the band, I have decided to change
musical focus.”

The announcement came just a few days after the announcement of two Australian tour dates. Other than Daugaard, Lukas Graham consists of Mark Falgren, Magnus Larsson and lead singer Lukas Graham Forchhammer. The band is taking some time off after September when Forchhammer will become a father. The singer announced that he is taking time off to be with his girlfriend and child after touring.

Daugaard will continue his musical career as a songwriter and a composer for Then We Take The World, which is owned by Forchhammer. Replacing him, is the band’s former pianist and current producer, Morten Ristorp.

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