Luke Black releases a new EP for his single “Demons”

A few months have passed since Serbian pop artist Luke Black released his single Demons, and since then the young performer has been involved with quite a few projects. Aside from his brilliant work on the track Seek & Hide with Venza, an underrated music producer from Spain, Luke has had his hands full with a tour in China.


The song has given Luke a lot of recognition, and it was thanks to that recognition that we’ve stumbled upon him. After hearing the single Demons for the first time, we were instantly amazed by not only its sound, but also Luke’s powerful vocals. It made us look up the young artist, and we were not let down.

In fact, we were so impressed that we reached out to Luke Black’s managers and set up an interview, which you can read here.

Luke Black releases a new EP for his single "Demons" 1

While he may not have a lot of songs released yet, the ones that we were blessed enough to hear are nothing less than absolute pop perfection. After listening to them you’ll find yourself with a problem of getting the songs out of your head, and you’ll be humming along to them for days.

Another thing that we admire about Luke is that he is fully involved with every song he releases. He doesn’t just sing the songs, he also writes and produces all of them, which sets an example of how hard-working this artist really is. That’s probably why all of his songs sound so amazing, because each track was written, produced, and sung on a personal level, giving them a deeper meaning.


And now we are equally amazed by the EP which was just released! In it are five remixes of the his most popular song Demons, all of them made by five music producers with a unique sound. This is exactly what makes the song, if possible, sound better than the original masterpiece that it is.

The five producers that have made the remixes are Neco, Beni Ducent, LULU, Otto von Disco, and DJ Lil Taty who had a little help from ZojaB.

Each and every one of the remixes are very different from the original, and this is because each producer has given the song a unique sound. Some of the songs focus more on the instrumental, however, others tend to wrap you up in Luke Black’s amazing vocal abilities. You can listen, stream, and download the songs here.

So, do you like the remixes or are you sticking to the original? It’s hard to choose, but once you have your answers you can tweet us at CelebMix!

Written by Azra

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