Luke Davids Releases “The Spotlight,” Updates Fans via Periscope

London-born singer-songwriter Luke Davids is back to writing original music. After taking some time away from his original music, he released “The Spotlight” Saturday. That same evening, he hosted a Periscope session to let people know what he has been doing.

He explained how “The Spotlight” was his comeback to writing original music. He released his first album in 2012, and spent some time playing shows. In 2013, he took a break from performing and writing original music. He realized the lyrics he wrote were not relevant to his life. The lyrics focused on sad topics, such as lost love. He set out and became a happier person.

He also answered some questions during the session. One question focused on dealing with a critical inner voice. He shared two ways to overcome that inner voice.  He recommended doing something you enjoy, such as treating yourself to lunch. In addition, he said talking to yourself is a great way to battle that inner criticism.

Another question was about his inspiration when he writes music. He said he only writes when he is inspired. He explained how some people sit down and start writing, but that approach didn’t work for him. He doesn’t go out and try to get inspired. Instead, he waits for inspiration to arrive. He said inspiration may come from playing a musical instrument. In the past, he listened to some of his favorite artists.

The final question focused on his turning point which made happiness a priority. After he played a show, he realized he performed for the positive feedback. His performance was motivated by what others thought. However, he learned performing was not what he wanted to do. He started to focus on becoming a happier person.

In addition, listeners got to hear some of his new music. At the beginning of the session, he played “The Spotlight.” He also performed “Let Love,” another new song he wants to release later in the year.

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Written by CelebMix