Why Luke Hemmings is Your Perfect Valentine

With February 14th approaching fast it’s that time of year again to pick the perfect valentine. Ah, Luke Hemmings, where do we begin? Tall, handsome, funny you can’t go wrong! We compiled a list of 5 things that make Luke the perfect valentine, we thought 1,000,000 things might be a bit much. Want to know what is better than Luke in a suit? Two Lukes in a suit….

Why Luke Hemmings is Your Perfect Valentine 1



5. Those baby blues

There is nothing sweeter than a pair of baby blue eyes staring at you. Unless of course those eyes belong to Luke Hemmings. Blonde hair, blue eyes could you get anymore perfect?

Why Luke Hemmings is Your Perfect Valentine 1

4. He is a total mama’s boy

There is one thing you can not deny about Sir Luke and that is that he loves having is mom around. This is not necessarily a bad thing seeing as she is one of the coolest moms out there! She ended up tagging along with them on their first tour. Not sure if it was because they would miss each other so much, or she was there to keep the four boys in check? Either way the boys stated in the new 5SOS movie having her around wasn’t actually that bad!

Why Luke Hemmings is Your Perfect Valentine 2

3. He is actually quite the funny man

There is nothing better than a boyfriend/ valentine that can make you laugh. Be it a concert, and interview or on stage Luke always finds a way to crack a funny joke or say something quirky. Anything to make the fans or his fellow band mates laugh, that’s just one of  the reasons we fell for Luke. Sarah Renee on YouTube made these amazing edits all the boys best moments, watch this Luke one!

2. His innocent smile

We have all watched the 5SOS boys grow up through out the years, watching them turn from boys to men. However, there is one thing that still remains innocent about Mr. Hemmings, his smile. There is something about it that can make a bad day just a little bit better.

Why Luke Hemmings is Your Perfect Valentine 3

1. Dr. Fluke is our superhero

During the 5SOS music video for ‘Don’t Stop’ we got to meet Dr. Fluke. A superhero by day, and a rock and roller by night. You get to see Dr. Fluke help am elderly woman across a street and was absolutely grateful, in her own way. Nothing screams valentine more than a true gentleman who can save you from the bad guys, right?

Thank you Luke Hemmings for being such a perfect valentine!

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Written by Amber Nordberg

I'm 25, living life and loving the adventure. Lover of One Direction and 5SOS. Find me on Twitter, @ambernordberg