Luke Hemmings: A Thoughtful Soul Behind the Front Man

As much as everyone thinks it’s the easiest job in the world to be a band’s front man, we all have to realize sooner that it’s the exact of opposite of what people think.

As soon as the band took off, Luke had to carry the weight of everyone’s expectations as the lead man. Representing the band as a whole, their reputation, the genre they play, and their image as artists are just a few things to mention that most critics look for in someone like him. It may sound easy when we state it like that, but it is a little bit too much for a teenage rock star to handle.

Tremendous pressure at such a young age could be destructive for Luke, as it can lead him to the extreme limits of fame which also leads to – what people know that most artists suffer – depression. But it seems like haters don’t mind that fact and actually take pleasure in making his journey towards his goals a rough ride.

Lucky for the band and the also the fans, that Luke’s mom, Liz Hemmings, have joined in the ride during the band’s early stages. With Liz touring with them and making sure everything goes well on and off stage, Luke has surely remained humble and kind despite the ever growing fame surrounding him and his best mates.

Up to this day, Luke has proved his care and love for the fans, thus making him a greater more inspiration for us. In their shows, meet and greets, strolling through the city, and just basically everywhere, Luke just shows how much he loves each and every one,  and his patience around the fans never fail to make us happy.

At one point in their past meet and greet sessions, a girl suffering from self-harming got the chance to see the band up close and have a little chat with them. The conversation was inevitable that it led to the boys discovering that she was hurting herself. Although most meet and greet sessions only last for a couple of minutes, Luke took the time to comfort her and actually made her promise to stay clean from then on, and telling the security to just let her be for a little bit longer.

The simple thoughtful deed can mean so much more to a girl who is having her own battles with herself every day, knowing that someone out there, who may not even know you personally, still cares and is concerned of your well-being. As they say, a little kindness goes a long, long way.

Luke may be one of the most famous rock stars in this generation, but behind the punk rock façade and confident shows is still the unpretentious, kind and thoughtful boy, who we had the chance to watch grow into an amazing and talented man he is today.

Written by CelebMix