LUSH Bath Bomb In The Works Based On Ariana Grande’s Song

Good news Ariana Grande fans, the cosmetic company LUSH is working hard to create a bath bomb that is based on Ariana Grande’s music video for her new single, God Is A Woman

A big Ariana Grande fan took to Twitter tweeting Lush to make a bath bomb based on the scene where Ariana was laying in water filled with different colors.

Ariana tweeted the fan and LUSH saying, “omg I would do anything”.

It didn’t take long for Lush Product Inventor and Chief Digital Officer Jack Constantine to begin working on a potential new bath bomb. Constantine posted to his Instagram a sneak peak of what the bath art could possibly look like.

Ariana even commented on the Instagram post! LUSH responded to her saying that they can’t wait for her to see it.

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On July 20th, Constantine posted the final product on Instagram saying that he sent it to Ariana.

For now, LUSH currently has similar bath bombs that you can order.

Twilight Bath Bomb

Pink Bath Bomb

Intergalactic Bath Bomb 


Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

Twilight Bath Bomb: $6.95

Pink Bath Bomb: $8.95

Intergalactic Bath Bomb: $7.95

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb: $7.95

LUSH also carries many other beautiful bath bombs that are available to purchase on their website. Additionally LUSH sells many other products other than bath bombs including shampoo, body lotion, makeup, and more.

If you haven’t already, you can preorder Ariana Grande’s new album, Sweetener. Ariana also has released special Sweetener merchandise that is available for preorder on her official website. Be sure to check out the special God Is A Woman merchandise that was recently released.

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Written by Ashley Gale

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