Promotional photo for "Scars" which sees Lyra Star wearing a gold bra with silk straps going down her body, with her back curved backwards with her blonde hair in a long ponytail that falls down her back.

Lyra Star drops her incredible mystical folk debut EP, titled “Scars”

Bringing some mystical fantasy wrapped around the folk genre is Lyra Star with her incredible new EP, titled “Scars”. Containing four tracks, three of which are unheard of before today, this EP really reflects Lyra Star’s current era and brings her indie-electro to her folk-pop. This acts as the follow-up to her popular single “Scars” which the EP is named after.

Lyra Star is an enchanting singer-songwriter and contortionist based in Los Angeles. With influences ranging from Tori Amos to Lana Del Ray, she infuses her music with a touch of magic. Originally from Nashville, Lyra Star ventured to the West Coast, where she discovered her true artistic calling. After being part of the duo Wisps and Willows, she realized she needed to embark on a solo journey. Inspired by artists like Imogen Heap and Tori Amos, Lyra Star fearlessly follows her inner voice, captivating audiences with her ethereal vocals and profound lyrics at live shows across the city. In 2018, she fulfilled a long-held dream with the release of her debut album, “A Thousand Dreams”, recorded at Soundwire Studios in Fairfax, CA, with producer Chris Krotky. Since then, she’s released a bunch of singles gaining fans, followers, and traction with her latest single “Scars” going on to become her second most-streamed track on Spotify, just behind 2020 single “Light”, and soaring past “Under The Water” and “Broken”. With the release of her debut EP, “Scars”, Lyra Star is set to make 2023 her best year yet.

“Love is waiting for us all if we can really get to know ourselves and our innermost desires and dreams,” Lyra Star says of the EP, and we can’t help but agree. This whimsical and ethereal four-track EP is a stunning collection that is as much as inspiring as it is relatable.

Stream “Scars” EP by Lyra Star on Spotify here:

Whimsical and ethereal are the two main words that we can’t help but keep repeating as we describe this EP, it’s just a unique collection of tracks that are set to stun any listener. Starting off with the title track, “Scars” begins with her indie-electronic twist to a laid-back fairy folk backing track that infectiously works and guarantees to get stuck in one’s head; her vocals are on point from start to finish adding an indie-pop vibe to the entire thing as she delves in deeper to how we all have scars but we shouldn’t let them define us. “Rise” adds some drums as part of the main sound as we hear folk lullaby beats as Lyra Star brings country-ballad vocals that are beyond strong and has a classical vibe to them matching the lullaby energy. Towards the end of the track, deep diving beats are added making the listener question whether a new song has started, whilst Lyra Star continues her awesome lyrics to “Rise”, giving us a slightly varied-harmony vocal, as the beat crescendoes before fading out.

The third track on the EP is “Silence”, which strips it all back allowing Lyra Star’s passionate vocals to ring out as she discusses how she has fallen hard for someone and that person needs to decide if they love her or not because she knows what she wants out of life. She literally puts it all on the table, not only in her lyrics but those gorgeous emotional vocals with impassioned runs and undeniably heart-touching falsettoes. Easily our favourite song on the EP, “Silence” flows with strength and dignity, a track that will be relatable to many, and one that will make an impact on every listener. The EP wraps up with the final track, “True Love Waits”, which adds some soul to the mix as Lyra Star delves deep within herself for the highly passionate lyrics where she asks her lover not to leave, making every single lyric come right from her heart, to the extent where you can feel that emotion right through your speakers. Again, the backing track takes a step back and brings an elegant tenuous energy to the song, making it a great track to end the EP on as it certainly makes a lasting impression.

Listen to our favourite track from the EP, titled “Silence”, on Spotify here:

“Scars”, the debut EP from Lyra Star, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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