Exploding Star

Machine Unseen Releases “Exploding Star”

Avant-garde prog-rock/art pop outfit Machine Unseen recently released their new single/lyric video, “Exploding Star.”

Talking about the song, Machine Unseen shares that it’s “A song about that person in your life whose volatile nature and unpredictability keeps you on guard, under threat for your emotional well-being or even for your life.  Also, about humanity’s impact on the planet.  ‘Exploding Star’ calls out the harm and chaos of unchecked power and influence.  Recorded in our home studio in Yokohama, Japan.”

A family of musicians with collaborators in Tokyo, London, and the US, Machine Unseen will release their debut album, Evidence of Soul, a collection of songs about love, friendship, and learning to survive in a broken world, written and produced by In-Xtric-8.

Machine Unseen explains, “The album explores our relationships… the unseen machinery that inextricably connects our hearts… the ties that provide reassurance, comfort, continuity and meaning to our lives.

Rolling out on a jazz-flavored piano, “Exploding Star” flows into low-slung, soft flavors of prog-rock topped by a dreamy, drifting voice, imbuing the lyrics with haunting tones, simultaneously operatic, alluring, and melancholic.

“You are like an exploding star / Light and heat emanate from right where you are / Blindingly near / Something to fear / But lovely from afar / Where from / Does your chaos come.”

The rhythm of the tune, gentle and unobtrusive, pushes the tune along on an effortless cadence, adding delicate touches and shimmering accents.

Dripping with sensitive coloration riding evocative surfaces, “Exploding Star” glides forth on rippling layers of poignant textures.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.