‘Made In The AM’: 5 Songs We Want As Singles!

One Direction’s ‘Made In The AM’ has been in our lives and on repeat for the past week. Everything about the album is incredible from the lyrics, to the vocals and production. Whilst every song is a masterpiece, we have 5 that we would love to hear as singles.


1.Never Enough

Niall described this song as one of his favourites on the album, and we certainly agree. Never Enough is one of the most feel good songs on the album, and it makes you want to throw a one man dance party! Plus it reminds us a bit of the jungle, and who doesn’t love that?!


2. Temporary Fix

If you thought Four’s ‘No Control’ was the most sensual these boys could get.. nothing could prepare you for Temporary Fix. This song shows One Direction’s progress from bubblegum pop to pop with much more rocky influences, and you can’t help but scream the chorus at the top of your lungs. Can we also have a moment to discuss Harry’s solo please?


3. History

If you ever wondered what would happen if you combined One Direction and  Toy Story, you would have History. This is such a relaxed song that you can imagine people singing with their friends on nights out. Also with the boys stating that this song is for the fans, you can picture how adorable the music video would be.


4.  Walking In The Wind

Walking In The Wind is one of the most heartfelt songs lyrically from Made In The AM.

“If you’re lost, just look for me
You’ll find me in the region of the summer stars”

It has a mid tempo verses that build up to the upbeat catchy chorus, and this song holds the best bridge on the album. It is the perfect radio track. Well done 1D!


5. What A Feeling

Everyone remembers the No Control project from earlier this year, and that project is likely to happen again for this fan favourite. ‘What A Feeling’ has the capability to be the next game changer single for One Direction, with old school influences such as Fleetwood Mac to appeal to the masses. Plus we really want to see a California roadtrip music video for this.


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Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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