Maeve Steele
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Maeve Steele Releases “Shimmer” Music Video

Maeve Steele returns with new music following the release of her debut EP, Barefoot, originally shared with listeners in 2020. Her single “Shimmer” is now accompanied by a brand new music video that captures the fun of making memories with friends in the city. As viewers watching begin to come to terms with the fact that summer is ending, Steele reminds us that the memories we create never fade. It provides positivity and an escape from reality during a period of such uncertainty.

This music video continues the success and energy that began with Barefoot and its standout single “No Control.”

Steele exclusively opened up to CelebMix about “Shimmer” and the inspiration behind this track: “When I wrote Shimmer, I was in the process of really learning how to be happy as I was entering a new stage of life. Overall, this song was born out of the mindset that to a certain extent, I can find joy or excitement in most situations depending on how i look at it…anything can shimmer. The initial spark for this song came from Joan Didion’s “Why I Write,” along with the realization that I can find inspiration from any source. This song represents opportunity and optimism about the future, both creatively and in my personal life, as trying to establish my voice as a songwriter has come in hand in hand with finding out who I am as a person,” Steele said.

“Shimmer” is Steele’s first single and music video of 2021. Full of glitter, sparkles and high energy, the “No Control” singer truly entertains and captivates both viewers and listeners with this new single. And in addition to its contagious energy and impressive quality, “Shimmer’ gives listeners an idea of what type of music they can expect from Steele going forward.

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