Maggie Lindemann Releases New Single “Obsessed”

We have a brand new track from Maggie Lindemann, and it’s one we’ve been obsessively playing for the past few days. It is titled “Obsessed” and follows up her song “Pretty Girl” and her collaboration with The Vamps on “Personal”.

She went viral when Cheat Codes remixed her track “Pretty Girl”, which definitely helped her reach an international audience; charting high in many countries all around the world. Now we’ve got this brilliant solo follow-up, that easily shows off her vocals.

The song is also paired up with Pat McGrath Beauty Campaign; which allows fans to buy makeup products through Spotify whilst listening to Maggie Lindemann’s new song “Obsessed”. It’s a great idea to pair these two up, and she even released a video on how to buy the beauty range.

Stream Maggie Lindemann’s New Single “Obsessed” Here:

The song is about being with someone who is so self-involved with themselves. and how annoying and difficult it can be to be with that person. “Obsessed” is so addicting, and beyond relatable. It’s no surprise that the pair up with Pat McGrath’s beauty campaign is called “So Obsessed”; definitely a great link.

We’re pretty sure this is going to be Maggie Lindemann’s next big hit, especially is she gets a great DJ to remix it. It’s one we all can relate to and understand. It has a driving beat that makes it truly unforgettable and whilst she engages us all with the meaningful lyrics and her powerhouse vocals.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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