Majoring in One Direction is a thing now?

Wouldn’t it be great if there could be a class on how to be a fangirl? An english class on learning how to write fan fictions? A history class on the history of a celebrity? Devoting more than five years of your life to a certain boyband leaves you thinking if it would lead you to something bigger. Luckily, Millie Lovelock, an English major at Otago, had decided to change history (pun intended) and devote her time studying the British/Irish boyband, also known as One Direction.

Millie is directing her studies on discovering why the relationship between the boys and fans have such a strong physical and emotional connection.

One Direction fans are often misunderstood and labeled as crazed and obsessed when on the contrary, they’re actually a lot smarter and wiser than the “common” male, especially when it comes to politics.

When Lovelock was asked why she decided to dedicate her studies on One Direction, she responded with:

“When you have something that is shamelessly for you, that’s going to be really overwhelming.”

She originally thought that the five boys were only famous because of their “baby cute” looks, but turned out to be more after hearing their lyrics.

Even though she has been one of the first to be studying this particular boyband, others have done researches on Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, etc.

Millie doesn’t exactly know what she is studying yet since she had just started but we’re sure she will make a lot of amazing discoveries that even us as fans do not know.

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Written by CelebMix