‘Man Down’ begins its second series.

Comedy giant, Greg Davies, is back again as loveable half-wit Dan, for his smash hit series, ‘Man Down.’ The first series premiered to praise two years back on 18th October 2013. The show both stars, and is partially written, by Greg with his fellow cast mates acting as a successful extension of his comedic talents.

The first episode, of the second series, aired yesterday at 10:00pm on the controversial platform of Channel 4. There were doubts as to whether the second series would go ahead, due to Rik Mayall’s sad passing around this time last year. His character role of Dan’s father was intended to take more prominence in the second series.

However, on 28th November 2014, Channel 4 announced that there would be a 25 minute Christmas special that year, with a second series to follow.

‘Man Down’ airs every Monday night, 10:00pm, on Channel 4.

Written by CelebMix