MARC releases ‘Make Your Own Gold’ featuring Scott Ritchie

On Friday (May 11), Swedish producer MARC released his latest single ‘Make Your Own Gold’, featuring singer and songwriter Scott Ritchie.

‘Make Your Own Gold’ begins as a stunning piano ballad, with Scott stating “I don’t claim to be Jesus, I’m not saying that I know everything in life”. The empowering anthem sees Scott acknowledge the difficult times he’s experienced in life, but no matter what life throws at us, we all have the power to turn things around and make our own happiness.

No matter if you’re young or you’re old
No matter wherever you come from
No matter what you’ve been told
You can make your own gold

MARC’s stellar production kicks in during the latter half of the chorus, leading to an euphoric drop which you will instantly lose yourself in. The combination of Scott’s ethereal vocals, MARC’s blissful production and the uplifting lyrics make for a dreamy offering which will leave you feeling as if you can conquer the world.

Take a listen to ‘Make Your Own Gold’ below.

Not only does Scott provide the vocals on the track, but he also wrote ‘Make Your Own Gold’. Speaking to us exclusively about the inspiration behind the song, he explained that it derived from a bizarre dream he had one night.

“Within around 30 minutes of arriving into the writing session, I had written half of the song because I had a crazy dream the night before. I started having these vivid dreams where in the morning I’d wake up and feel like I’d been watching a horror movie all night. With this particular dream, I was in LA at my friend’s house watching a sports match on the TV, when all of a sudden a news flash came on.

“These two scientists appeared and were like, ‘we need to tell the people of the world to stop what you’re doing, your entire lives are a lie. The whole currency system across the world is a lie because they’re based against the value of gold. We need to tell you that gold is not a natural mineral, it’s actually something that we have created and everyone has the ability to make their own gold in the house’. I woke up thinking, ‘holy s–t, the world doesn’t exist!’ and I felt more tired than if I hadn’t gone to sleep at all!

“I got to the studio and told everyone my dream and that I had a title in my head, which was ‘Make Your Own Gold’. The metaphor that I took from that is that the value of something in the world is not based on what people tell you it is. Happiness is not scarce, because we all have the ability to make it. The gold standard of life, happiness, wellbeing and wealth in regards to love and such are not, and should not be dictated by other people. Everyone has the ability to create that for themselves.”

Check out Scott’s ‘Make Your Own Gold’ vlog below.

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‘Make Your Own Gold’ is available now.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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