Marcus & Martinus are back with new single ‘Pocket Dial’

International sensations Marcus & Martinus release their first taste of new music since September 2018, with new single ‘Pocket Dial’.

A stripped-back track from their upcoming EP, Soon, ‘Pocket Dial’ is the catchy Marcus & Martinus pop that saw the duo rise to stardom, now grown-up. Their first single since last year’s upbeat dance track ‘Invited‘, it’s the start of a new era for the twins.

“It’s been some time since I’ve heard your voice, I didn’t mean to call but you had a choice, to pick up when I pocket dialled you”, Marcus & Martinus sing about a lost love. One of five tracks from their long-awaited upcoming Soon EP, fans in Finland, Greece, Czech Republic and Sweden will be the first to hear the material live at shows later this month.

Set for release this Monday, June 10th, the Soon EP’s name was born from the duo’s cryptic replies to eager fans’ demand for new music online. An EP set to see Marcus & Martinus evolve from two teenage prodigies to artists in their own right, the collection comes off the back of a long studio process.

“We’ve been very lucky to work with some of the best producers and songwriters in the world”, Martinus reflects. “Tayla Parx has been a huge inspiration to us, and an amazing person to have on this project.”

Martinus goes on to promise “a mix of slow and uptempo songs”, whilst Marcus points to the brothers’ involvement “in the whole process of making all the songs”.

In between the release of Soon and those summer shows, Marcus & Martinus have hinted at 2019 being a quieter year for the group, as they prepare to bring their infamous explosive live show to a huge tour in 2020.

The duo behind hits such as ‘Elektrisk’, ‘Make You Believe In Love’ and ‘Girls’, Marcus & Martinus last year featured in CelebMix 21 songs by Under-21s.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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