Marian Hill’s Single “SPINNIN” Leaves Listeners with an Intoxicating High

Marian Hill’s new single featuring Kemba and Steve Davit is sure to have you whirling with excitement. Aptly titled “SPINNIN”, the song oozes with attitude. The tantalizing track showcases light, breathy vocals, bold horns and thrilling beats. Detailing the powerful sensation when sparks fly, the tune is the ideal romantic offering. Samantha of Marian Hill sings, “You know what to do/it’s so easy with you/I’m not the only one enamored by your flame/I’m not the only one but baby that can change.” She knows what she wants and she is going to go after it. That confidence is what makes this release so seductive. The vibrant rap that follows is equally as self-assured.

Marian Hill is a dynamic electro duo making waves in the music scene. Consisting of producer Jeremy Lloyd and singer Samantha Gongol, the pair is famously known for their hit “Down”. Mentally drained, the two were on the edge of calling it quits. Then when the pandemic struck they were reminded just how much Marian Hill has meant to them. In this latest piece, you can sense that deep love for their craft. “SPINNIN” is a single off of their upcoming album why can’t we just pretend? which is set for release April 13th.

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer