Mario Lopez on Enhancing the Learning Experience with Boxtops for Education

Mario Lopez may be best known for his numerous acting and hosting roles; from A.C Slater on Saved by the Bell to his time on Dancing with the Stars, he’s been involved in some monumental pieces of the entertainment industry.  Mario has dedicated himself to every role he’s ever been in but his most important role now is being a father.  In being a dad with children approaching the age for school, he’s taken a new perspective on the importance of education and in doing so, partnered with Boxtops for Education in an attempt to help schools get the supplies they so desperately need.

Mario’s partnership with Boxtops for Education inspires him not only because he’s helping fund great education for children everywhere, but because he has two kids of his own who will undoubtedly benefit from this program as they grow up too.

Mario is making a difference in his own community not just for the wellbeing of his own children but of children everywhere who will thrive with a proper and rounded education.  Most programs that are cut first are the ones that spark the creativity and athleticism of children and those are two parts of a person that allow them to find themselves the most.  While all parts of an education are important, without ways for children to start finding other passions in life, they won’t realize their full potential.

Listen to our chat with Mario to find out how to electronically submit your boxtops and even get more points in the coming weeks; it’s as easy as taking a picture of your receipt!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.