What is Marnie Simpson’s Snapchat?

It’s honestly surprising how many celebrities use snapchat to keep fans updated with their day to day lives. Due to this, it can be hard to make sure you have everyone added that you’d want, however, with our handy CelebMix Snapchat Bible you can see and find everyone you’d ever want to add.

With her stunning selfies and insights into her clothing line, Celebrity Big Brother 2016 and Geordie Shore favourite Marnie is a must-add on Snapchat! And with the new romance blossoming between her and TOWIE’s Lewis Bloor, who knows what might be shown…

What is Marnie Simpson’s snapchat?

You can follow Marnie Simpson on snapchat using marnie_kyle.

Who else should you be following on snapchat?

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Written by Zara Gibson