Marshemello releases long-anticipated hit “Rituals feat. Wrabel”

Marshmello sure knows how to keep the crowd wanting and keeping them at the edge of their seats. There have been many rumors on when his new song “Rituals (feat. Wrabel)” would finally drop, even teasing us with a preview just a couple of days ago. “Rituals (feat. Wrabel)” finally has dropped and we were not disappointed.

Rituals has instantly become a massive hit as it has accumulated 1.7 million views on YouTube and it has kept its status as one of the hottest tracks on SoundCloud right now. It was no easy task to have the music video go from fantasy to reality as it was very difficult to get it up in running. One of the main obstacles that Marshmello had to go through was removing his Deadmau5 lookalike for possible legal retribution. They both have had trouble with each other in the past and perhaps this was Marshmello’s way of poking fun at the situation but nevertheless, the video with out the Deadmau5 cameo is very entertaining.Marshemello releases long-anticipated hit "Rituals feat. Wrabel" 2

Ritual is just great all-around fun Marshmello is having as a day and night in the life in his shoes. We get to experience it vicariously through Marshmello. On Twitter, Marshmello has said that this was ” his favorite song he’s ever made” and we can definitely tell as to why. Being vibrant and fun with a rugged bassline that rings though the speakers paired with melody that will stay stuck in your head. What can you improve a song that is already freaking good? Add in some Wrabel and you have yourself a hit.

The vocals being provided by the amazing Wrabel himself, we are able to hear his talent as he is able to reach highs and lows on his vocal range. It is difficult to match the prowess of Marshmello but Wrabel can sure hold his own, even hits the high note many times throughout the song and then suddenly we hear revert back to a lower tone. Wrabel has the vocals that can melt anyone’s heart as the lyrics are beautifully written for a special someone that you cannot live without.

 Join in on the fun with Marshmello by giving it a listen!

Written by CelebMix