Matoma is “Bruised Not Broken” In Club-Ready New Collaboration With MNEK

“Bruised Not Broken” marks Matoma’s first release of the year as a lead artist. Is it as good as his previous work?

Norwegian DJ and producer Matoma is on a roll! Last year, he took his career to another level as he released his debut studio album “One In A Million”. It showcased the producer’s versatility as an artist and songwriter, pointing him away from his previous tropical house focus and more into the main pop spotlight. The record also saw him working with a multitude of superstars such as The Vamps, Enrique Iglesias and Noah Cyrus. Since its release only a year ago, the album has amassed over 600 million streams just on Spotify, largely thanks to hits such as “False Alarm” and “All Hits” and there is no stopping in sight.

Today, only a hot minute since Matoma’s last release (the incredibly catchy trop-bop “When You Leave” with Nikki Vianna), the artist is diving into his clubbier side. The brand new track is titled “Bruised Not Broken” and features vocals by MNEK and Kiana Ledé. The song is definitely featuring more club-and house elements than before, opening with MNEK’s slightly distorted vocals over a simple beat, singing “searching, looking, all around, for something I haven’t found”. House elements are then being added just as the chorus hits us with the words “bruised but not I’m not broken, damaged but I’m coping” sung by both artists. Kiana Ledé takes over the second verse, showcasing her crystal-clear voice.

“Bruised Not Broken” is a simple yet very effective dancefloor-ready track that wonderfully continues Matoma’s tradition of releasing feel-good bops with a powerful message. It also perfectly manages to intertwine the singers’ vocals over his musical production into a successful harmony.

Listen to the track right here:

“Bruised Not Broken” was written by MNEK and Ryan Ashley. Production was handled by the latter (obviously).

“Bruised Not Broken” arrives Big Beat Records. You can now stream and purchase it on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice.

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