Matt Koelsch Unleashes his Sensual Single and Video “Part Time Lover”

You ever wish someone could be there for you in the way you want, but they just do not seem to be meeting your needs? Matt Koelsch’s tantalizing track “Part Time Lover” is about being trapped in that vicious cycle of fleeting love. With colorful horns and bellowing drums the song’s shimmering jazzy feel instantly draws you in. His piercing, passionate vocals take you on an emotive, wild ride. As he soulfully sings, “he doesn’t love her the way I can,” you truly sense that aching desire deep inside. The video displays the steamy and tumultuous relationships he has with different women. Those visuals perfectly match the piece’s seductive energy.

Koelsch is a singer-songwriter who crafts tunes that really resonate with listeners. His work touches on pain, pleasure and everything in between. His expressive lyrics paired with luminous soundscapes make for magnetic music that is intense and infectious. This single has that same alluring quality. Showcasing some amazing musicians such as drummer Jake Reed (Katy Perry, LA Philharmonic) and brass by Evan Hatfield, (Ben Burget and Jim Hopson), the song possesses an exceptional sonic style.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast