Max Lord – The Rising Legend For Sound Engineers And Producers In The Industry

Max Lord is the sound engineer behind Juice WRLD record ‘Legends Never Die’. The Grammy-award-winning producer massively provided to the sound of a new generation. And deserves his spot in the 808Mafia super-producer family. 

Max Lord has been Juice WRLD’s exclusive sound engineer for the last years prior to his tragic passing. The producer has turned several top artist tracks into hits. And even Young Thug, known for giving producers a tough time, seems to have nothing but trust in his work. Cardi B, Travis Scott, and Halsey, among many others, also frequently reach their potential in his company. A portfolio of collaborations and work, that speaks for itself. 

An Absolute Music Nerd 

In a recent podcast interview, the talented sound engineer revealed that he simply loves learning new things. Checking new gear, the sound equipment, production techniques, all of them matter to him. His curiosity leads him to dig old hardware manuals to find out more about the original models behind the new VSTs and plugins that he uses. His tip for future generations: be curious, be passionate, create to create.  

Create Music With Friends 

Warmth and compassion are the skills everyone should practice in the industry. According to the star producer, a lot of people are in this business solely to make money. Sure, it is a great way to get out of the struggle. However, he firmly believes that real magic takes place when you make music with your friends. These friends are the artists, and they have hidden music. As long as you have fun making the music, it will never be work for you. When you make music with friends, you want to break the barriers. Thus, you will always one-up your performance and also synchronize perfectly with the artist. That’s what makes it cool. 

A Never Give Up Attitude 

Through his relentless endeavors and persistence, Max Lord didn’t let anyone push him around. As a result, he achieved a name for himself. This led him to become the mastermind of brilliant albums. Entering America’s hip hop industry through his private connection with Fredo Santana, the career unfolded quickly. 

The shocking tragedy of Juice WRLD’s death at the end of 2019 shook the world. However, being one of his trusted friends, Max Lord decided to do justice to the legacy of the artist. Alongside Nick Mira, the team worked to mix pre-recorded songs with an array of producers. Ultimately, it led to the success of the number one record album with multiple platinum and gold records. It rose to win Grammy, and Max Lord was one of the receivers for the prestige. 

His incredible track record and connection with top artists will certainly lead him to higher demands and unlimited possibilities. The future certainly looks bright for the star who achieved so much within only 3 years.

Written by CelebMix