Maya J stuns with her music video for “Like You”

A few months ago, we got the chance to interview Maya J who had just released her single “Like You”. With a vivacious personality, electric taste, and a confident demeanour, Maya J has been making her mark amongst her audience through her musical and acting projects.

We got a glimpse of her musical talent when she released the official audio “Like You”. Now, the artist is back with an astounding music video for the song.

Talking about the single during the interview, Maya J said,

“The song’s recording process was crazy up and down, but ultimately rewarding in the end. I always say this, but I like ambiguity in my music; I like people to feel my songs in their own way , without me going into detail too much on why I thought it up & wrote it. It’s basically a story about not allowing people to turn you into a bad person, into a monster. They hurt you, tried to bring you down, and broke your heart. But you’re not going to stay down, you’re not going to be anything like them. You’re going to be strong. I hope people like it, and I hope it’s inspiring in many ways, and that people understand the message behind it. It can be sad, but it can also be triumphant if you look at it that way.”

The talented pop songstress gives viewers a very palatable taste of her acting-career side during the intro, and then stuns audiences with her colourful, futuristic yet bohemian visual appeal. Her confident gaze places her in the “present”. Contrary to the general belief, she has not lost control. Instead, she has taken a lesson and turn the adversity into a positive circumstance.

The music video as a whole is coy yet confident, sweet yet sultry, and classy while at the same time clearly showing off the very sexy essence of young adult womanhood.

The video also represents darkness and gloominess turning into light and beauty, in the form of staying strong in the event of heartbreak or tragedy. Confidence, inner strength, and unforgettable aesthetics are key elements that fans and critics alike can agree are impeccable features of this new Maya J music video.

You can download or stream the single worldwide on all major streaming platforms including: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, YouTube Music, iHeart Radio, Tidal, Amazon, and more.

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