Mayvenn – The Right Wig for Your Lifestyle

There are so many reasons people wear wigs. Some just want to switch up their look, some want a style their own hair won’t cooperate with and others have little to no hair for muriad reasons and want a natural looking solution. So what wig would suit your needs best? Let’s dive in and figure it out.

Types of Wigs

There are essentially 3 major types of human hair wigs (also available in synthetic materials that are much cheaper and better reserved for costumes), ready to wear, lace front and 360 weave-in wigs. Listed respectively for the amount of time or effort it takes to put on – as a matter of fact high quality human hair wig application will be referred to as an install because the process takes more time and the result is very natural looking.

What is a Ready to Wear Wig?

This is literally a wig that you can put on and go! It does not need customization (or of course you can always take a scissors to your wig and change the cut if you desire!). There are very cheap ready to wear wigs available almost anywhere like costume stores or beauty supply shops, but there are also very high quality ready to wear wigs that look very natural. Popular styles are bobs, super long mermaid hair, and pre-styled up-dos. 

What is a lace front wig

This is very desired in the wig world and has quite literally a lacey front to the wig that will be trimmed to fit your hairline exactly. Essentially the lace is able to lay flat against the skin and blend almost imperceptively to create a very natural hair line. This is also a way to secure the wig, once the lace is cut it will be adhered to the skin and a final touch of complextion matching foundation will make it completely disappear. Technically you will find lace fronts on different styles of wigs, here I am referring specifically to a wig that is in between the ready to wear and the 360 weave – it will cover the head like a ready to wear wig with the individual hairs attached in rows around the lace cap but does not come ready to wear as you customize around your hairline, style the part and adhere the wig with glue.

What is a 360 Weave?

This is a very versatile, natural looking, long wearing wig that accommodates more choices when it comes to styling. Because these wigs are woven with your natural hair they are known to be very secure with little to no slipping or shifting. The main body of the wig actually looks like a halo and then you will purchase bundles of hair separately allowing you to control the volume, part and texture of the hair. You can also purchase different closures which is basically the top piece of the hair that will control if there is a middle or side part and some actually will allow either. Additionally this type of wig can more easily be styled in up-do’s because the hair will look natural at the nape of the neck instead of showing any of the non-hair parts of a wig.

Which Wig is Right for Me?

If you are looking to switch up your look temporarily at a moments notice then look no further than the ready to wear variety. This is exactly what it sounds like and is probably what you think of when you hear the word wig. Ready to wear wigs are common in styles like a short bob and perfect for anyone who wants a short style without the commitment! You can also pick up fun and trendy colors like hot pink or mermaid hair. These wigs can be washed with shampoo and hung to dry. The quality of the hair will determine the price, but a nice wig that you can wear over and over that looks great will be worth a little extra for a natural looking head of hair.

A solution that you can wear for more than one day but can also be easily removed if you don’t want to wear it is the lace front wig. It does take a little time to put on and style, especially when using for the first time. You want to take your time and get the lace cut just right so the fit is naturally aligned with your hairline. For first timers it is a good idea to get some help so you don’t accidentally ruin your beautiful new wig. Invest in a good quality, silk or satin headband or head scarf to hold down and secure your edges while sleeping. Wash as you would your natural hair and keep it moisturized for long lasting beauty.

The most permanent wig is the 360 sewn-in wig. This will take a good amount of time to have installed by a professional but it will be worth it! You have much more control with being able to choose the style and amount of bundles to use in creating the final look. You will be able to pull your hair into a natural looking ponytail or bun as well. The wig itself will be comfortable and feel secure on your head. You will also be able to change the style by changing out the bundles or the frontal instead of having to change the entire wig.


Wigs are an investment. High quality, virgin human hair is what you should look for. Consult a professional and watch videos of wig installs if you are doing the install yourself at home – there are a lot of things you should know before tackling like how to prep your hair, bleaching the knots, tools to use and which glues work best, just to name just a few. Regardless of the type of wig, there should be very minimal hair loss or shedding. Don’t expect to pay the same as you would for a cheap, synthetic costume wig at a store. Purchase from wig experts who offer a professional service to help you with install, customization and styling. A few last tips, don’t abuse your wig – keep it washed and moisturised (remember your scalp produces oil that keeps your natural hair moisturized) and only use styling tools that you have checked will not destroy or damage your wig hair. If you take good care of your wig it will be well worth the investment.

Written by Monella