McFly: 12 Years Since “5 Colours in Her Hair”

It’s been 12 years since McFly put out “5 Colours in Her Hair” and it feels like the quartet was just rocking the UK yesterday. Being a debut single and being their first UK number one, “5 Colours” managed to break ground for the guys as they embarked on the road to super-stardom.

Look at how cute and young they all were!

And now that the McFly guys are older and basking in adulthood, we love that they have managed to remain strong in what makes them all work – music. 12 years have gone by and they’ve managed to hold a strong record for being one of the best things to come out of the UK.

Harry, Tom, and Danny are all married and starting their families and it’s the best — knowing you saw them grow up. Dougie is being the stunner he is and enjoying life – and we don’t blame him, have you seen his face? The McFly guys have done really well for themselves through the ups and downs of life and the rock star life. McFly: 12 Years Since "5 Colours in Her Hair" 1

We love McFly and hope that they continue to make great music and great families. We know they’re destined to continue on the great road they’re on.

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