Meet New District

New District are a brand new young boy band signed to Isina Records. The band consists of Dylan Rey, Sean Cavaliere, Jaden Bojsen, Devin Dressman and their latest member Julian Martel.

Former band member Felix Biernat had some issues with his Visa as he was from Germany, and was unable to get a visa to come to the US for more than three months. Felix was soon replaced by 16 year old Julian Martel who is also from Germany.

Felix was our brother and everything, but unfortunately, he had some issues with his visa because he’s from Germany. He had some difficulties just because of his [young] age…he was unable to get his visa to come to the country for more than three months.

Their first ever cover music video as a group, was ‘Stiches’ by Shawn Mendes. The boys started to post more covers on YouTube and later released their own original song ‘Closer.’

Soon after the release of Closer, the boys announced the departure of band member and ”brother,” Felix. Julian was later the successful applicant and joined the band as the new fifth member. After his arrival, the band recorded and released their second single ”Ain’t Got Money,” around the world on August 19th.

New District revealed in an interview with Justine Magazine that their new EP will be released sometime near the end of Summer. They also revealed that it is executive produced by Randy Jackson and to expect pop/R&B sound.

The boys were nominated for Next Big Thing in the Teen Choice Awards 2016 but were sadly beat by Hey Violet.

Before New District, Dylan headlined the Teen Nation Tour alongside many other young artists.

Jaden, was in the children’s tv series ‘The Peppercorns,’ and is currently still friends with The Voice Kids competitor, Lukas Rieger.

Sean was modelling, acting in TV commercials, releasing and covering songs.

Julian was a competitor on The Voice Kids in 2015 and also posted covers on YouTube.

Devin wasn’t really doing much, just living the life of a normal teen and singing and writing songs in his spare time.

New District are definitely a great addition to the music industry and we can’t wait to see what else the five boys have in store for us.

Check out New District’s acapella cover of ‘Thinking out Loud,’ by Ed Sheeran. Also check out their YouTube channel for more covers and behind the scenes action of their music videos.

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Written by CelebMix