Meet Simon Lynch, your new favourite X Factor contestant

If you thought Simon Cowell was enough Simon for this year’s X Factor, you were wrong. In yesterday’s episode, the audition of 23-year-old Simon Lynch aired and holy cow (which is apparently a phrase our new favourite Simon uses – how adorable), we are in love.

Coming all the way from The Isle of Man (which is nowhere near the Isle of Wight fyi and according to Simon is “very green and very quiet”), new Simon blew us away with an amazing rendition of Beyoncé’s ‘If I were a boy’.

Over the course of a three minute audition, we see all four judges (plus the audience) fall in love with Simon. There’s Nick, who already seemed to be sold when Simon walked on stage and nervously muttered “holy cow”. Then we have Rita and Cheryl, who turned into beautiful human versions of the heart eye emoji, but the most interesting development was Simon Cowell’s reaction.

Wonderfully edited, we see Simon giving his namesake a supremely unimpressed look right after Nick assures him that “everyone’s nice in here”. But during the audition we see Cowell’s mask melt and at the end we’re pretty sure he’s just as much in love with Mr. Lynch as we are.

Some auditions are good, maybe even really good, but some auditions make you realise right then and there that wow, this is going to change this person’s life. Simon Lynch’s audition falls in the latter category. In his own words, on the Isle of Man most dreams stay dreams, but we’re pretty sure his are about to come true.

Watch his audition below and give the lovely lad a follow on twitter and Instagram.


Written by CelebMix