Meet Zayn Malik and Liam Payne’s Secret Lovechild

The thirstiest of all Directioners have discovered something truly amazing. If you are a fan of One Direction, or solo Zayn, or hot guys, then brace yourself. An Israeli model by the name of Ariel Ben-Attar exists, and he looks like the child Zayn and Liam never had, or maybe they did…

Obviously, One Direction fans have disregarded his actual name, and renamed him Ziam(an amalgamation of Zayn and Liam). Once you’ve seen him you will understand…


A Man Who Looks Like Zayn and Liam Combined Exists 1

LOOK AT HIS FACE. The cheekbones. The beard. It’s as if someone has actually created this human from DNA from Zayn Malik and Liam Payne.

The first discovery of the Ziam look-a-like happened when this picture was found:Zayn and Liam Had a Baby in Secret 2

However, no one knew where it came from or who it was. Twitter was freaking out for a while because everyone was desperately trying to find the “Ziam love child”. But then a miracle happened, and he was found.

Zayn and Liam Had a Baby in Secret 1

These photos are taken from his Instagram(@arielbenattar),which is basically just full of shirtless selfies. You’re welcome. He’s recognised his fame on his Instagram and has been interacting with One Direction fans. He even created a Twitter account take advantage of his 15 minutes of fame!

Zayn and Liam Had a Baby in Secret 3

So, what do you think? Is this just a coincidence and he is an uncanny doppelganger of both Zayn and Liam? Or did they totally have a baby?

Written by CelebMix