Melanie Martinez releases Crybaby music video

Singer-songwriter and also director, Melanie Martinez, has wowed us again with her self directed music video for the title track of her debut album, ‘Crybaby’.

Like Melanie’s other self-directed music videos, it plays within the theme of her album and the story of her self-created character, Cry Baby. Melanie uses themes of child’s play to bring a dark and rather deep message into light in this chilling music video.

The video begins with a young woman in labor, about to give birth. The doctor, wearing a rabbit mask, then bashes her stomach like a piñata and candy falls out. Cry Baby is born, and the music kicks in. Throughout the video we see Cry Baby dealing with an alcoholic mother and some very unusual toys. Watch Melanie’s  creation below:

Wish the second installment of her Crybaby tour in full swing, and having one of 2015’s Best Pop Albums, we often forget that Melanie’s career started off on The Voice and she didn’t even win! This just goes to show that the world was meant to have Melanie.

Melanie Martinez Releases Music Video for 'Crybaby' 1

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Written by CelebMix