Melanie Martinez Releases ‘Pacify Her’ Music Video

Melanie Martinez has just dropped yet another music video for a track off her debut album, Cry Baby. This time, the song ‘Pacify Her’ got its visual accompaniment, stamped with Melanie’s signature Cry Baby aesthetic.

The video follows Melanie as Cry Baby while she tries to distract “Blue Boy” from his current love interest, also played by Melanie (think Avril Lavigne’s ‘Girlfriend’ or Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’). Of course, it’s not a Melanie Martinez music video without some creepy dolls, plenty of pastel colours, and a rather sad ending.

Watch the ‘Pacify Her’ music video below!

Once again, Melanie created the concept of the video and directed it herself. The fact that Melanie refuses to hand over her creative control and is constantly creating fresh visual storylines to accompany her songs is commendable. Not many mainstream artists do that these days!

Melanie previously stated that she would love to create a visual for every song on Cry Baby. She has followed through so far with music videos for most of the songs, including double features for ‘Soap’/’Training Wheels’ and ‘Tag You’re It’/ ‘Milk and Cookies’.

Now, only two songs on the standard edition of the album have yet to be made into music videos- ‘Mrs. Potato Head’ and ‘Mad Hatter’. Both tracks are fan favourites, so it’s possible that Melanie is saving her best ideas for last! It’s likely that we can expect these two videos pretty soon, as Melanie has been hinting at a fast-approaching second album for 2017. Melanie also recently announced her first fragrance– called “Cry Baby Perfume Milk”. The fragrance looks like milk within its vintage baby bottle packaging, but appears clear when sprayed on.

Through ‘Pacify Her’, Melanie has made another fantastic visual that ties in perfectly with the theme of the Cry Baby album. We can’t wait to see what Melanie creates for ‘Mrs. Potato Head’ and ‘Mad Hatter’!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.