Melanie Martinez: A Year in Review

After the release of her debut studio album, Cry Baby in 2015, Melanie Martinez has spent her 2016 celebrating the success of her album and the growth of her fan base. Cry Baby was the birth of a character and story in Melanie’s world but also the birth of who she is as an artist.

Melanie kicked off the year by releasing the song “Gingerbread Man” as a gift to her fans. Then she kicked off her Cry Baby 2016 Tour in late February! Melanie added multiple installments to the tour all throughout the world including the UK, AUS, and NZ. Unfortunately, she did end up having to cancel her last few dates due to illness. However, she did promise to prioritize those areas when she is back on the road.

photo by: Nina Lorenz
photo by: Nina Lorenz

Melanie’s singles have been receiving lots of love this year as well! Pity Party has been certified Gold in the U.S. while Dollhouse has been certified Platinum in the U.S. by the RIAA. She has also promised to make a music video for EVERY song on the album and this year she released many cinematic masterpieces, most of which she directed herself! Here is a list of music videos she released this year:

Looks like all that’s left is the music video for “Mad Hatter”: Melanie has said the bonus songs on the deluxe version are not a part of the Cry Baby Story so she may not make music videos for those tracks but we can only hope! She did however, release an EP called Cry Baby’s Extra Clutter in late November. It is a compilation of her deluxe songs on a physical vinyl, including “Gingerbread Man”.

Melanie Martinez: A Year in Review 2

To end her amazing year with a bang, in late November Melanie announced her debut fragrance, Cry Baby Perfume MilkShe released a commercial for the perfume that is just as hauntingly beautiful as her music videos. The bottle is in the shape of a baby’s bottle and is said to smell sweet and nostalgic.


Samples of the perfume were released in any order in her official web store or with her cover issue on AP Magazine!

Melanie Martinez: A Year in Review 3 Melanie Martinez: A Year in Review 4

Melanie has also been hard at work on her second album. She has confirmed that it is complete and she is finalizing her bonus tracks. Melanie Martinez also shared that she will not reveal the name of her new album until she is done filming all the music videos for “Cry Baby”. She hopes to have new stuff out by early next year.

Melanie had an amazing 2016 and we cannot wait to see what 2017 brings. What was your favorite Melanie moment of 2016? Tweet us at @CelebMix or find us on Facebook!

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