When A Member Leaves Your Favourite Band

We seem to always be reading newspaper headlines that some band are having bust ups and not getting along; its been going on for as long as we have had music and it is sad when a member leaves your favourite band, probably even more so if they have been together for a long period of time.

Joe Strummer sacked Mick Jones from The Clash
Joe Strummer sacked Mick Jones from The Clash

Once the statement, either personal or official, has been released that seems to be when fans start asking questions and expressing their emotions, the biggest one usually being hurt, followed closely by anger and maybe understandably so.

But we seem to have the evolution of a breed of fan that feels they have a right to demand to know every intimate detail of why the situation has come to this, making sweeping statements that even though the artist or band have put their feelings down for the world to see there must be some even deeper darker reason.

When A Member Leaves Your Favourite Band 1
Brian Johnson left AC/DC when he couldn’t tour due to illness.

“They had to have been sacked,” and sometimes they have, sometimes it’s due to illness which was the case with Brian Johnson of AC/DC,  but also it can be it’s just that the departing individual feels even after whatever length of time they just have to move on or they feel they are no longer getting the same joy or satisfaction they once did.

“Do fans have the right to know”? At the end of the day they buy the CD, the concert ticket and some are lucky enough to have interaction via Facebook, Twitter or any of the other number of social media sites this doesn’t give them exclusive rights “you didn’t buy the artist or band.”

And along the way after the initial out pouring of well wishing and grief, for the departing member, somewhere along the line the remaining band members seem to get lost, fans seem to forget that they are also left picking up the pieces of what was once a close knit group of friends who along the way have become family going through highs and lows, and after the fall out they have to move on too, and are entitled to do this in private without adding to any comments that have already been laid out in black and white.

Peter Gabriel left Genesis for personal reasons.
Peter Gabriel left Genesis for personal reasons.

At the end of the day a band member leaving is like a divorce there is hurt, anger, misunderstanding and usually legal ramifications all played out on the world stage all under the glaring spot-light and close scrutiny of their hordes of fans.

Sometimes band members just drift apart there is no great conspiracy, no hidden agenda, it’s just time for them to re-evaluation their artistic connection because like us fans for them time moves on, things change and we may not like it but we have to accept it, if for nothing else but to support all members of your favourite band be they together or branching out on a solo career with new ventures.

But sometimes the underlying question is does a band become even better when an old member leaves and is replaced with fresh blood, I defiantly know a couple where this has been the case, so upsetting as it can be don’t always dismiss it.

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Written by Karon Hagon

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