In Memoriam: Jose D. Fernandez

Jose Fernandez, a starting pitcher for MLB team Miami Marlins, was killed in a Miami beach boating accident on the morning of September 25, 2016. He was twenty-four years old.

Jose was a league-wide fan favorite, known for his passion for the game, his talent that named him the ace of the Marlins’ rotation, his energetic and fun personality, and the intense love he showed to everyone around him. Millions of tears were shed as the entire baseball community mourned his death and paid their respects on Twitter:

In an ensuing news conference, Marlins manager Don Mattingly and president David Samson expressed their condolences and memories of Jose while teammates stood solemnly beside them in support. Mattingly, who had to pause several times to recollect himself, compared Jose’s outstanding passion for the game to a kid playing Little League. “That’s the joy that Jose played with,” stated Mattingly. “That’s what I think about.”

Jose was not only a great contributor to the game of baseball, but he was a family man as well. He had a special bond with the women in his life, particularly his mother, grandmother, and girlfriend. Jose once stated, “I don’t like to get tattoos of something that doesn’t mean anything to me…but [I got a tattoo of] the two loves of my life. Got my mom’s name and my grandma’s name.” He also displayed affection toward his girlfriend, as seen in this touching, yet now heartbreaking, Instagram post announcing the upcoming birth of their first child.

In response to Jose’s passing, the Miami Marlins have cancelled today’s scheduled game against the Atlanta Braves, and all MLB teams will have a moment of silence before their games. Other steps have been taken to remember Jose as well, such as the placement of flowers and a baseball cap on the Marlins Park mound, and a Fernandez jersey hung up in the New York Mets dugout.

Jose Fernandez was one of the greatest baseball players of today’s game — both in body and in heart. He demonstrated exceptional talent, winning multiple awards and putting up eye-popping statistics. On the field, he was joy to watch, and off the field, he was a joy to be around. Baseball fans, players, writers, experts, and administration alike all admired him and were infected by his unwavering passion and energy. But nothing says more about his character than this video. We strongly encourage you to watch it, as it exemplifies who he was with a power that words and statistics do not have.

Jose’s legacy will live on forever. His big smile and even bigger heart touched everyone who had the honor of knowing him or watching him play. He embodied the values of baseball to the fullest, spreading joy wherever he went and working hard for his family and team. He was taken from us much, much too soon. Our hearts are with the baseball community, Jose’s loved ones, and the Miami Marlins. Rest in peace, Jose Fernandez.

Written by CelebMix