Mental Health: Time to speak

With nearly 80,000 young people in the UK suffering from severe depression and 20% of young people diagnosed with a mental health disorder in the UK, why is mental health still such a taboo subject? The statistics speak for themselves, it cannot continue to be a taboo subject, people need to talk about it.

These statistics however aren’t accurate. They only show the people who have been given a formal diagnosis by a doctor, many more young people suffer from mental health illnesses such as depression, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia and schizophrenia. There is a large number of people who don’t go and get a diagnosis because they feel alone, ashamed and scared all because it’s a taboo subject.

I wanted to write this article to show people that you are not alone. You don’t need to feel ashamed. You don’t have to be scared. Many people think that celebrities are unbeatable, nothing effects them, some people even forget they are human sometimes! But behind the red carpets, music videos, cat walks and lights is a human who is just as vulnerable as you and I and they have emotions too.

Below I’ve found some celebrities who live with mental health illnesses, or who have battled one in the past and what the condition was. I hope that this will mean people realise that they are not alone, and give them that push they need to speak out about their mental disorder or it will break down a wall in your friendship group and mental illness will no longer be such a taboo. I also hope that next time you see a celebrity you don’t like you won’t send them a bit of a nasty message because they are human, they aren’t perfect and even though you might think it, they don’t have a perfect life.

1. Emma Stone

Mental Health: time to speak 1


The American actress has suffered from panic attacks her whole life and received treatment to help her deal with it when she was in her early twenties.

2. Adele

Mental Health: time to speak 2

The chart topping singer suffers from severe anxiety attacks and has admitted that they mean her performances sometimes lack in strength.

3. Jim Carrey

Mental Health: time to speak 3

The comedy actor may seem joyful and full of life but has in fact suffered from intense depression.

4. Jennifer Lawrence 

Mental Health: time to speak 4

The hunger games actress experienced severe anxiety in her teenage years which she overcame in her twenties.

5. Halle Berry

Mental Health: time to speak 5


The actress suffered  a long battle with depression and attempted suicide in the mid 1990’s.

6. Lana Del Ray

Mental Health: time to speak 6

The beautiful singer battled depression and alcoholism.

7. Amanda Seyfried

Mental Health: time to speak 7

The actress suffers from anxiety.

8. Miley Cyrus

Mental Health: time to speak 8

The controversial singer suffers from anxiety.

9. Johnny Depp

Mental Health: time to speak 9

The very talented actor suffers from anxiety and depression.

10. Demi Lovato

Mental Health: time to speak 10

The singer has suffered from bulimia, self harm and bipolar disorder.



I don’t expect this article to be the most amazing or life changing thing you will of ever read but I hope that it makes you think.

Please remember you are not alone.  1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from a mental health illness, including me. You don’t need to feel ashamed. Be yourself whatever it takes.

I wish I could post support contact details for all countries but it would be impossible however if you need someone to talk to please visit these sites, they should have information from wherever you are in the world:





Break down the walls. Speak out. And remember, you haven’t done anything to deserve this, you can get past this, don’t give in, you are worth everyone’s time and you shouldn’t have to hide who you are. Ever.


Written by CelebMix