Michael Clifford On Crutches After Fall

It’s not unusual for an artist to trip, slip or fall on-stage – it even happened to Queen of Pop, Madonna, during the Brit Awards last February. But Michael Clifford seems to be having more than his fair share… and boy, when he does end up injuring himself, he goes all out.

You might recall that the 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist suffered facial burns and singed hair when he accidentally walked into a pyrotechnics display during part of their Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour in Wembley Arena on June 13th. Well, just like the nineteen year old tweeted, it appears Wembley isn’t a fan, as literally a few seconds into 5SOS’s set to end Radio 1’s Teen Awards this Sunday, Michael fell right off stage and practically vanished into thin air. As you can see in the video below, on the bottom left.


Ouch, looks painful.

But yet again the accident prone star has demonstrated he is ever the professional, because like he did back in June after the burn incident, and like the trooper he is, he got straight back up and continued on with (like always) an amazing show for a live audience of 10,000 teens – even joking that the reason behind his fall was that he was distracted by stunning songstress Rita Ora.

“I was looking at Rita Ora and I was like, “oh hey girl, how you doing” and then I was just like…”

…Falling on your face, Michael?

Michael has assured Twitter followers that he is in fact okay, but evidently he has done himself some damage as for the next few days he will be using crutches.

Michael Clifford On Crutches After Fall 2

On the band’s official Snapchat (wearefivesos), drummer Ashton Irwin posted a clip post-performance of himself and his injured bandmate, explaining that Michael will “survive” though is struggling to stand up, before Michael butted in, cursing and exclaiming that his leg hurts following the fall. Click here to see the video yourself (Warning: This clip contains strong language!)

However, the Aussie performer seems to be in good spirits, even joking with All Time Low’s Jack Barakat about it all.

Michael Clifford On Crutches After Fall 1

Fans expressed their concern for the clumsy artist, urging that his bandmates wrap him up in bubblewrap for his own safety and claiming that there’s a “Clifford Curse” – that every time Michael performs at Wembley, he’s bound to get hurt. We certainly hope not!

Things definitely could have been worse for the rocker, but we’re glad it wasn’t and hope Michael is back to his good self soon enough so he can celebrate the success of his band’s new album, ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’, with style.

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