Michael Conlan receives a heartwarming message from a five year old boy

Michael Conlan  has received the most heart warming message and act of kindness from a five year old boy.

Michael who lost out on a medal at the Olympics in Rio after the judges declared that his opponent,  Vladimir Nikitin from Russia , the winner in the quarter-final of the men’s bantamweight 56kg, shared the letter on his Twitter.

Finn McManus, a five-year-old boy from Dublin Ireland ,wrote him a letter and kindly offered him one of his own gold medals he had won in school.

His aunt Marie Kirk shared an image of the letter on Facebook which read:

“Hi Michael, My name is Finn McManus and I am five years old. I saw your fight in Rio and you should have won because you are the best boxer in the world. I want you to have my school medal because you are a winner. I hope you like it, from Finn.”

Michael asked his followers if anyone knew who the little boy was as he had a gift for him.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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