Michael Dean Emerges with a Pop Anthem on the Ups and Downs of Heartbreak

Michael Dean is a Los Angeles based pop artist inspired by influences of the hip-hop scene. His latest single “Roller Coaster” is a dreamy reflection on the ever-changing emotions that follow a breakup. At one moment, Michael Dean is convinced he’s reached bliss, and at another, it all comes crashing down. Dean guides through the euphoric rise, and catastrophic fall of his relationship, mimicking the peaks and valleys of a ‘rollercoaster’ itself.

“Roller Coaster” is saturated with woozy, celestial sonics, silken beats, and thoughtful vocals that reminisce on a past love. With visuals directed by Derrick Web and Christopher Jackson, the music video follows the ghost of Michael’s past, walking with him along the Santa Monica Pier in opposition to outtakes of Michael alone and stranded on the beach. Michael Dean creates emotional contrast between his head and heart as he wavers in uncertainty. Looking out over the open ocean he sings, “There are times when I feel like things could last forever // And there are days like this when I want this to end.” “Roller Coaster” is reluctant to accept the end of a thrilling and tumultuous saga. Rooted in original and intimate emotions, Michael Dean captures the fleeting feeling of a lost relationship.

Michael Dean was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to California at a young age. He grew up in Santa Ana, Garden Grove, and Anaheim where he fell in love with music through listening to hip-hop. Through working with his A&R Kavon Jacobs, his upcoming project Top Gun is highly anticipated and ready to hit the mainstream.

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