Midnight Memories Releases New Single ‘Never Fall’

Midnight Memories, an anonymous EDM producer from California, is releasing his new single ‘Never Fall’ in anticipation of a very successful rest of 2019.

This track combines positive lyrics with a new and unique electronic sound unlike many fans have heard before. It gives off the type of energy that every music fan craves and includes captivating rhythmic drums that will leave listeners hooked.

In terms of ‘Never Fall’ and its overall message, it is without a doubt something everyone can relate to and appreciate. Midnight Memories touches on overcoming adversity and never losing hope even when things get particularly difficult. This powerful track shows off Midnight Memories’ personality and allows fans to get to know the producer personally without truly knowing anything about them at the same time.

The anonymous producer opened up to CelebMix about this track: “‘Never Fall’ is a perfect representation of what Midnight Memories is. It is able to depict the dark and uplifting nature of the project through the emotions behind the lyrics and energy I try to portray within the drop.”

This project includes new tracks that will continue to be released throughout the year. Its anonymity keeps the music separate from its creator and allows listeners to develop their own personal experience based off each track. Without knowing who is behind its lyrics, fans are able to relate songs like ‘Never Fall’ back to their own lives without any interference. As a result, everyone will have a different connection to its lyrics.

Midnight Memories is creating music that every listener can take something away from. The producer’s brand new single ‘Never Fall’ is fresh and meaningful. Between its impressive musicality and highly important message, this single is definitely not something music fans should ignore.

Be sure to listen to ‘Never Fall’ here.

Thank you, Midnight Memories, for speaking with CelebMix about this new single.

Written by Alessandra

A music journalist originally from the New York area who loves to speak and write about music of all different genres. The world of sound is filled with endless possibilities and experiences.