Mike Tetreault Has Become The Bad Boy Of Real Estate 

Take corporate culture and throw it out the window. Now imagine if your favorite rapper owned a real estate brokerage and the closest you’ll get to that is Mike “Tate” Tetreault and his brokerage The Tate Team.

From popping bottles in the club, trash talking competitors, to smoking marijuana in company meetings, there’s nothing conventional about the 31 year old CEO.

“I’m the owner, CEO, and broker, so I do whatever I want. I have no investors, no partners, nada. So that allows me to be myself and that sets the tone for our clientele and everyone that works for me to let loose and not have to worry. The goal here is to have fun and make a ton of money, and we do a lot of that. Says Mike “Tate” Tetreault.

Growing up in Fitchburg, MA, Tate has had more than his fair share of adversity and challenges. Despite starting from less than ideal circumstances he’s overcome everything and accomplished a lot in life. Recently he’s done it all from music tour management with superstar artists to now owning a real estate brokerage and also a national real estate investment firm. 

His brokerage The Tate Team operates in several states and is expanding rapidly with 50+ agents since its inception back in June 2021. His unorthodox management approach and his bright personality is a huge reason real estate agents jump ship to work on The Tate Team. Tate is also planning a speaking tour in 2023 with many of his celebrity friends as guest speakers, so stay tuned! 

You can check out Mike ‘Tate’ Tetreault’s brokerage The Tate Team at www.thetateteam.com

Also catch Tate himself on instagram @theofficialtate and twitter @mike_tetreault_ 

Written by Peter Jones