Miley Cyrus responds to ‘Billboard’ backlash

Miley Cyrus has further explained the controversial comments she made in a recent interview.

In her latest Billboard feature, the 24-year-old is quoted saying that she cannot listen to hip-hop anymore because of the genre’s continuous sexual and vulgar references within lyrics.

“That’s what pushed me out of the hip hop scene a little. It was too much ‘Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my c–k’—I am so not that,” the “Wrecking Ball” songstress explained.

Readers quickly criticized Cyrus online, unable to understand how she could disregard a genre that heavily influenced her old public persona and 2013 LP Bangerz.

On Saturday, Cyrus took to Instagram to share her side of the misconstrued story.

“When articles are read it isn’t always considered that for hours I’ve spoken with a journalist about my life , where my heart is, my perspective at that time, and the next step in my career,” she shared.

“So, to be clear I respect ALL artists who speak their truth and appreciate ALL genres of music (country , pop , alternative …. but in this particular interview I was asked about rap) I have always and will continue to love and celebrate hip hop as I’ve collaborated with some of the very best! At this point in my life I am expanding personally/musically and gravitating more towards uplifting, conscious rap! As I get older I understand the effect music has on the world & Seeing where we are today I feel the younger generation needs to hear positive powerful lyrics!”

In the interview, the former Disney star also revealed that she is currently clean, straying away from alcohol and recreational drug use while reinventing herself again with new music. “Malibu,” the lead single off her upcoming album, is slated for release on May 11.

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Written by Cayla Masters

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