Miley Cyrus and Elsa Pataky Get Matching Wave Tattoos

Miley Cyrus is known for her many tattoos, which all have significant meanings to her. At the moment, she is spending some time in Austrailia with maybe on/maybe off fiancé Liam Hemsworth and it seems like she couldn’t resist a bit more ink.

This was the Instagram pic that was uploaded by Miley’s tattoo artist Lauren Winzer yesterday. It shows Miley getting tatted up with Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth’s wife, with her wave supposedly being inked onto the side of her foot. Elsa’s matching tattoo appears to be on her middle finger.

Miley’s recently got quite a few mini works-of-art and she took to Instagram to show us a few:

Miley’s first ever tattoo that she got done way back in 2009 are the words ‘Just Breathe’. It can be seen in this photo, alongside one of her more recent tattoos of her dog Floyd which reads ‘With a little help from my fwends’. Floyd sadly passed away back in 2014 and Miley was devastated at losing her beloved friend, but commemorated her love for him by permanently inking a piece of him on her.

Miley Cyrus and Elsa Pataky Get Matching Wave Tattoos 2

Elsa also has a few tattoos, although her’s are not as obvious as Miley’s. She has the symbol ‘XX’ on her right shoulder and a small crescent moon on her lower abdomen. Her third discreet tattoo is a Latin phrase written on her foot. It says ‘quod quid sumus id esse voluimus’ which means ‘that is what we have wished for’. How sweet!

What do you think of Miley and Elsa’s new art? We think the design is extremely adorable and the friendship they share seems super cute. Make sure to let us know on Facebook or on Twitter @CelebMix.



Written by Sureya Ali

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