Miley Cyrus hands out album for free

Stop. Wait a minute. And if you’re waiting to fill that cup, don’t put the liquor in it just yet. You might just end up spilling it, since CelebMix has taken a ride on the rumour train and found out that Miley Cyrus might be giving her album away for free!

That’s right, folks, our dear miss Cyrus hasn’t only been making the spotlights by lashing out at Taylor Swift, coming out as gender-fluid or generally just ‘being Miley’ (even though that has an entirely different connotation than it did when See You Again was released back in the day). Oh, no. Apparently, in her Marie Claire interview that will hit the newsstands on August 18th, Miley has also hinted on giving away her album for free. According to Perez Hilton (and as much as we’re not huge fans of the man, we gotta quote him here), her manager stated: “Miley’s not driven by dollars. She makes her own path. Once upon a time, that’s what most artists did. Now, people like Miley are few and far between.”

Well. Message clear. Miley doesn’t care about money, as long as she’s happy, in peace and has her house and her dogs. Sure. That’s beautiful. All the power to you, Miley, weren’t it for the fact that it started a riot between fan bases. Is anyone really surprised?

All over Twitter, the bad blood (pun intended) between Miley and Taylor Swift has been a big point of discussion. Miley stating that Taylor’s latest video was a bad showcase of violence and revenge already stirred up the pot, but this rumour might have just made it boil over. Fans were quick to compare Miley’s statement that she doesn’t care about money to Taylor’s feud with Spotify and Apple Music, painting Taylor as a money-hungry popstar. Miley, on the other hand, is being portrayed as an attention seeker who’s only looking for some controversy. Yikes. Neither of those are really appealing now, are they?

Whatever side you are on, we’re curious to say the least to see what Miley is bringing out next and whether or not this album is really gonna be a freebie for her fans. If it is, let’s hope the quality isn’t equal to the price – because after all this scandal, this album better be damn good. We’re excited. Are you?


Written by CelebMix