Miley Cyrus Releases Brand New Single ‘Younger Now’

It’s safe to say that Miley went through a rather interesting phase between 2013 – 2015. She went from the brunette smiley angel we had all grown to love, to the short-blonde haired party animal who everybody became contradicted with. Miley decided to have a switch up; she wanted to explore outside what everybody knew and come back with a bang. Bangerz, her 2013 album, expressed a much more party side, whilst still keeping her roots involved. Her 2015 album ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’ went to a whole different level and was most definitely the wildest side of her.

Now, Miley has dropped the wild side a smidge and has brought it back down by reclaiming a much more meaningful and calm side of her. Today, Miley released her second single off her sixth album ‘Younger Now’ with the same name. Miley sings about not being ashamed of the person she used to be, that nobody stays the same and change is needed. She also talks about the person she has become now and describes it as feeling ‘so much younger’. Miley definitely did grow up fast between 2013 – 2015, to represent how she was as an artist. Now she has come back with a much more younger side, much more suited to her age and voice. It’s truly a lovely song, that really hits the nostalgic feelings.

Even though it’s not who I am / I’m not afraid of who I used to be.

Miley also released the music video for ‘Younger Now’, inspired by the King, Elvis Presley. The visuals a theatrical carnival setting, with touches of Elvis Presley. In homage to the one and only King, Miley rocks bedazzled jumpsuits with a slick back hair style, which was the legend’s signature look. Miley also embraces her past, as she plays with a doll that represents her younger self – this is a direct link to Elvis Presley’s “Wooden Heart”. In a grand final, Miley get’s dressed up in a 50’s style outfit and breaks out in joyful and fun choreography, that gives us all sorts of “Hoedown Throwdown” vibes!

You can watch the ‘Younger Now’ video here:

If that isn’t enough treats for one day, Miley also released the album cover for ‘Younger Now’ and the tracklist:

Image result for miley cyrus younger now album cover

  1. Younger Now
  2. Malibu
  3. Rainbowland (Featuring Dolly Parton)
  4. Week Without You
  5. Miss You So Much
  6. I Would Die For You
  7. Thinkin’
  8. Bad Mood
  9. Love Someone
  10. She’s Not Him
  11. Inspired

Miley Cyrus’ sixth album ‘Younger Now’ will be released September 29th.

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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