Miley Cyrus Returns To The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Miley is giving the fans so much right now building up to the release of her sixth album ‘Younger Now’ and on September 15th, she teamed up with BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to perform some of her latest songs and fan-favourite hits. The performance happened in Los Angeles on the porch of her ‘Rainbow Land’ studio with her band. Miley sported an oversized Elvis t-shirt and sparkly turquoise cowboy boots.

Miley performed 5 songs including ‘Malibu’, the debut single from her sixth album. This was such a beautiful performance and the acoustics were outstanding. The scenery couldn’t have been more perfect for this song and Miley’s vocal were out of this world as per usual.

Miley also performed ‘Younger Now’, her second single from her sixth album with the same name and this is where the Elvis shirt and cowboy boots really shined! (You’ll get it if you’ve seen the Younger Now music video). Younger Now will always be such a heart-warming song to listen too, as it is about Miley not being ashamed of who she was previously; so an acoustic and intimate performance of this was absolute perfection!

What’s an acoustic performance without a stunning cover? Miley chose to cover ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’. The ballad soared with gorgeous vocals throughout and showcased Miley’s abilities to hit us all right in the feels with her voice. The emotions were through the roof and Miley even said at the end, “That was hard. It made me want to cry.”

Now where’s all the 2007 Miley Cyrus fans at? This one is a real treat! Miley performed pop classic ‘See You Again’ to celebrate the song’s 10th anniversary. She put her own country twang on the acoustic version and what a blissful sound it is! It felt truly incredible to be able to sing along with the lyrics “my best friend Lesley said oh she’s just being Miley’, wow what a throwback! Our 11 year old selves are in serious fangirl mode!

Speaking of fangirling, Miley fans went crazy when they found out that she had performed her 2009 hit ‘Party in the USA’. Miley put another country twist on this one with the help of a banjo, violin and backing vocals, making it an incredibly chilled back version to sit and listen to. Haven’t we been treated so well recently!

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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