Miley Cyrus takes exposure to new levels

It was only a year ago whilst on her Bangerz tour that she provoked outrage as she groped one of her backing dancers and advised everyone to smoke marijuana.

However, on Thursday night Miley showed everyone this was just the beginning as she decided to wear a strap on dildo and exposed her breasts.

There is already some speculation if Miley wore something to make her breasts look bigger as when she usually poses naked, which is a lot, her breast do seem smaller.

Miley was kicking off her Dead Petz tour in Chicago while showing the world her birthday suit.

Two songs from her new album are called ‘Do it’ and ‘Fu*kin Fu*ked up.’

Miley started out as a Disney star and ended up wearing a strap on dildo for a live audience.

What is next for Miley, if she is anything like Kim Kardashian a sex tape?

Written by CelebMix