Miley Cyrus’s Instagram Live Talk Show; Bright Minded, Is a Blessing For This Quarantine

In spite of everything shutting down and talk shows having to be creative and film from their own home, COVID-19 has sparked some creativity. Miley Cyrus is one of the many creative minds and has started her own talk show on Instagram Live.

The show called Bright Minded: Live with Miley, is Cyrus’s new talk show while in quarantine and the guests she has had one might make people freak, obviously in a good way. The show is set to connect with fans and to keep everyone calm and have a positive attitude.

The series kicked off with Dr. Amen, a popular celebrity doctor who specializes in psychiatry. The two talked the implications of social media and also ways to keep in touch with people via technology. They talked about how to stay in touch with loved ones while being stuck inside.

For her second episode, she had longtime friend and former Disney Channel colleague, Demi Lovato. Both stars got candid about their shared experiences such as body dysmorphia and growing up in the public eye. Lovato even opened up about her road to recovery following her 2018 overdose and how she manages to remain surrounded by support system despite the pandemic.

“I have a lot. One is my therapist, who I do virtual sessions with right now. I’ve got other people in my life that are on my team. They’re just there for me. I’m with my family right now and they’re everything.” Lovato spoke while thousands watched.

Recently she had former Hannah Montana co-star, Emily Osment as a guest and everyone freaked. The original duo, Miley and Lily, reacted to their pasts acting together on the hit Disney Channel show. They looked at old photos of the show and talked about memories from each photo. It was heartwarming to hear them reminisce about their time together, back when times were a little simpler.

Just yesterday, she had guests Hilary Duff, Reese Witherspoon, Due Lipa and Bebe Rexha. Make sure you tune in to her Instagram stories everyday Monday – Friday at 11:30 AM PST/ 2:30PM EST.

Written by Will Heffernan